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WiScope® Digital Endoscope System is intended to be used by physicians to access, visualize, and perform procedures in the urinary tract and the kidney. The instrument enables delivery and use of accessories such as biopsy forceps, laser fibers, graspers and retrieval baskets at a surgical site.

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System is comprised of two main components: WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope and WiScope® Image System.

WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

There are four models of WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope:
(OTU-100SR) Standard Deflection Model for the right-handed
(OTU-100SL) Standard Deflection Model for the left-handed
(OTU-100RR) Reverse Deflection Model for the right-handed 
(OTU-100RL) Reverse Deflection Model for the left-handed

WiScope® Image System

WiScope® Image System processes images from the ureteroscope and outputs video signals to a display.



OTU Medical Inc. is a Silicon Valley based medical technology company founded by a group of veteran entrepreneurs and professionals. We concentrate on the innovations and development of single-use endoscopic instruments in Urology. Our mission is to "Bring smart views to OTU (one-time-use) surgical devices", which will facilitate more precise diagnosis and safer treatment with less trauma.


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