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OTU Medical

Bring smart views to 

OTU (One Time Use) surgical devices


Digital Endoscope System.png

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System is comprised of two main components: WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Endoscope and WiScope® Image System.


WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

There are four models of WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope:
(OTU-100SR) Standard Deflection Model for the right-handed
(OTU-100SL) Standard Deflection Model for the left-handed
(OTU-100RR) Reverse Deflection Model for the right-handed 
(OTU-100RL) Reverse Deflection Model for the left-handed

cystoscope (2).png

WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope

There are eight models of WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Cystoscope:

Standard Deflection Model (OTU-C380SR and OTU-C380SL, OTU-C310S and OTU-C300S),

Reverse Deflection Model (OTU-C380RR and OTU-C380RL, OTU-C310R and C300R).

Image System-1.png

WiScope® Image System

WiScope® Image System processes images from the single-use endoscope and outputs video signals to a display.



OTU Medical Inc. is a Silicon Valley based medical technology company founded by a group of veteran entrepreneurs and professionals. We concentrate on the innovations and development of single-use endoscopic instruments in urology, pulmonology and other areas. Our mission is to "Bring smart views to OTU (one-time-use) surgical devices", which will facilitate more precise diagnosis and safer treatment with less trauma.

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