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WiScope® Single-Use Cystoscope and Ureteroscope Become a Hit at AUA 2019

Chicago, 7 May 2019 -- As a regular exhibitor, OTU Medical Inc. has brought innovative new products to the American market at AUA 2019, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

For the past three days, the superior performance of our ureteroscopes and cystoscopes was demonstrated comprehensively and gained high appraisal and praise from urologists all over the world. Nearly every doctors and distributors marveled at our outstanding deflection angle, since even no angle loss with baskets and fibers being inserted, better resolution images among any other competitors, and easy-to-use maneuverability.

Both ureteroscopes and cystoscopes forecast a large market demand for the coming year. With positive relationship established with global competent partners, OTU Medical Inc. is expecting an enhanced market influence and brand awareness.

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