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WCE 2019

Abu Dhabi, 30 October 2019 -- The 37th World Congress of Endourology (WCE), the world’s foremost meeting dedicated to minimally invasive urologic surgery, holds successfully as scheduled. OTU Medical Inc. attended this event and witnessed overwhelmingly positive feedbacks from worldwide market, especially highlighting in middle-east market.

A shining point of this event is the Semi-Live Surgery mainly held by renowned urologist Dr. Manoj Monga with Cleveland Clinic, discussing Ureteroscopically Assisted Percutaneous Access for Intrarenal Surgery – PCNL (ECRIS), where he highly praised the performance of OTU WiScope represented by BD in US market.

In an presentation written by Mr. W. Kamal, M. Abuzenada, A. Alhazmy, A. Al-Solumany, M. Alharthi and Y.Aloabiri from King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah, four single-use flexible ureteroscopes available at Saudi market (from WiScope®, Pusen, Litho Vue and EU-Scope) are tested compared comprehensively. The results are shown as below:


The essay concludes that WiScope® is the lightest scope, has the lowest shaft and tip diameter, the shortest loop diameter of the deflective part and showed the least irrigation loss with instruments in the working channel. WiScope® and EU-scope have the highest deflection angle.

The collaboration with BD/C.R. Bard and motivated sales team globally will certainly take the brand of WiScope to further new heights, and also give the opportunity to explore the best of our products built on years of expertise.

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