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AUA 2023

Chicago, 28 April-01 May

OTU Medical Inc. was present at the AUA 2023 in McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA, once again with its new products—WiScope Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope (7.5Fr) and WiScope Medical Tablet, which attracted many visitors to seek potential collaboration.


OTU will bring its new 7.5Fr ureteroscope and the portable tablet to the market in the near future. The portable tablet is compatible with all models of our endoscopes. With the flexible touch screen and comprehensive functions such as photo and video recording, strong battery endurance, file transfer via USB, it can meet all clinical needs. After hands-on experience, visitors highly appreciated the performance of the ureteroscope. Even though the insertion tube of ureteroscope is thinner, the image is still clear and vivid.


During this exhibition, we exchanged ideas with many experts and received some suggestions. OTU would like to think about more possible future innovations to solve more clinical challenges.

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